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Tips for Transitioning Into Suburban Living

March 8, 2022

A family who recently moved from the city to an Elliott Homes community in the suburbs.

You’re a city lover, and you may be wondering when the right time is to transition into suburban living for you and your family. At Elliott Homes, we understand that the crowded and energetic city life can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming and extreme—enough to where you may find yourself exploring the idea of finally making that move to the suburbs.

Although living in the city can come with great opportunities and conveniences, moving to the suburbs can provide just as many advantages—if not more. The peace and quiet marks just the start of amazing benefits that come with moving outside of the big city, and we’re here to provide you with some tips and tricks when it comes to transitioning from urban to suburban living.  

Find the Perfect Community

Where you reside is extremely important, and finding that perfect niche community will seal the deal for any individual when it comes to moving into the suburbs. Adapting to a gorgeous, quaint community filled with spacious new-construction homes is a big step from living in the crowded and hectic city—and it’s essential to fall in love with the change to your new neighborhood. You’ll want to look at the features and amenities of each community you come across when you’re deciding—including school districts, nearby activities, distance from the city, the quality of the homes and any other factors that are important to you and your future. Making the transition can be a big change, but finding the perfect community for you will help you embrace suburban living in no time. 

The incredible tight-knit communities and amazing amenities at Elliott Homes would make anyone fall in love with suburban living—from beautiful, modern yet cozy homes to outstanding nearby attractions and everything in between. Options are nearly endless when it comes to finding the right neighborhood, whether you’re looking for a closely acquainted community that sits in close proximity to the city, like Magnum at Villa Fiore—or if you prefer a more subtle, hidden community like Las Barrancas. We recommend exploring all of your options when it comes to finding the perfect community for you, as each different one contains varying traits to meet the needs of all types of people. Our energy efficient, high-quality and thoughtfully designed homes are spread throughout all of our communities—making the city to suburb transition easy for any potential buyers. 

Turn Your House Into a Cozy Home

If you’re used to living in the city, it’s likely that you are used to renting and having restrictions on personalizing your home. One of the best parts about buying a new home in a suburban community is the creative freedom you have when it comes to turning a house into your own home. Whichever community you choose, you can make your house stand out and be unique in its own way—both inside and out. Optimize comfort and coziness by customizing your new home and adding your own take on decor. Incorporating colors, textures, patterns and art in all the rooms and walls throughout your new suburban home can quickly turn a house into your forever home—and you’ll never turn back. Enjoy the newfound liberties of personalization compared to city living, from furniture and backsplash to floor plans—you can make your dream home how you’ve always envisioned it, especially at Elliott Homes. 

Take Advantage of Suburban Benefits

There’s no doubt that living in the city has its perks, but the benefits of suburban living make it worth the move. Enjoy the slower pace of life by relaxing and unwinding in the comfort of your own porch, pool or deck. Explore your community and discover the local shops, bakeries, restaurants and boutiques in close proximity to your home. If you work in the city, take advantage of your new commute to get the perfect balance between urban and suburban living. Residents often feel safer and more secure in suburban communities, and they especially appreciate it if they have children—as school districts tend to be higher-quality as well. Get to know your new neighbors and get in the groove of your new normal—and don’t forget to enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with making the move to the suburbs. 

To dig further into Elliott Homes Communities, check out some of our favorite things to do near all of our communities, as well as testimonials from our buyers—from Arizona to California. 

Choose Elliott Homes

At Elliott Homes, we can guarantee that we have the perfect suburban community for you, no matter who you may be. Whether you prefer to be close to the city like our Phoenix and Sacramento residents, or more secluded like our Yuma homeowners—we know that suburban living is full of incredible benefits, and you’ll never regret making the move. The Elliott Advantage is something that spreads across the great states of California and Arizona, and we believe that anyone can thrive in every single one of our carefully crafted communities. If you’re ready to make the transition into advantage-filled suburban living today, give us a call at (866) 984-1300 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!


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