The Elliott Advantage Construction Process

Built With Quality Purchasing a New Home is an Exciting Endeavor

At Elliott Homes we strive to make the process run as smoothly as possible in order for you to enjoy your new home buying experience. The Elliott team will be guiding you through this important time and monitoring the completion of each step.

    Explore The Home Building Process

    You’ve been dreaming of building a new-construction home, and Elliott Homes wants to make it a positive, unforgettable experience. We have over 100 years of experience building homes in the area, so we know exactly what to expect—and we aim to help homeowners understand and be excited about the process as well.



    Permit is obtained from the county or city. Trenches are dug and forms are placed to prepare for the pouring of the footings. Rebar is laid per approved plans in the footings for strength and reinforcement. The plumbers will lay the groundwork of "rough plumbing," that will later bring water to different areas in your home. The footings are then poured into the forms, over the pipes and rebar. As with every step of your home, an Elliott Homes employee, and a city or county inspector will thoroughly inspect your home prior to final pour of the slab to ensure the quality construction.


      The Frame

      After the slab has been poured and passes all of the inspections, the framers will build the skeletal system of your home. They will lay out the wall locations, then frame the walls, standing them and attaching them to the bolts and hold-downs, and securing them to the slab. Next they will attach the trusses, which are part of the roofing system. They will then sheet the roof. The windows of your home will then be installed; your home will be wrapped with a moisture barrier; your roof will be papered and roof tile loaded; and electrical and low voltage wiring and plumbing will be installed. Many inspections by both the Elliott Homes construction team and the city or county inspectors are required before this process is complete.


        Interior Finishes

        Once your home has passed all inspections in the framing stage, it is time to finish up the interior. This includes going through the dry wall process, which involves hanging the gypsum board; taping and sanding the seams and corners; texturing your walls; and installing doors, closet rods and baseboards. Your home is then ready to be painted. After painting, your cabinets will be installed, and then your counter tops and flooring will be installed. At this point your home receives a thorough cleaning, after which Elliott Homes detailers will do a final run-through to perfect all the finishing touches.


          Exterior Finishes

          At the same time that the interior of your home is undergoing a transformation from frame to finish home, the exterior of your home is being finished too. This process includes the application of the stucco system, the painting of the exterior of your home, the completion of the placement of your roof tiles, final grading of your home site, installation of fencing and installation of landscaping.

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