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Live in Turnkey Luxury with Elliott Reserve

June 28, 2021

Image of interior living space for a custom Elliott Homes home.

The experienced team at Elliott Homes wanted to bring one-of-a-kind custom homes to the most desirable California locations, but without the excruciatingly long custom-home timeline. These goals, along with a vision for unique residences that are ready to be enjoyed on move-in day, led to the formation of Elliott Reserve. The homes conceptualized by Elliott Reserve take the guesswork out of crafting a luxury home, and will be fully designed, including layout, finishes, furnishings and artwork, before construction begins—embodying the concept of turnkey luxury. Learn more about the meticulous process and attention to detail that goes into building an Elliott Reserve home below. 

Layout and Design 

The world-renowned architects who help design Elliott Reserve homes know that all good design starts with the site—harmonizing the plan to complement the natural surroundings and atmosphere of the site itself. Because the goal of these homes is to provide turnkey luxury to homeowners, the designer creates a layout that takes everyday life into consideration with features like a butler pantry, side-loading garage and an attached in-law suite with its own garage. 

California is known for its emphasis on the indoor-meets-outdoor lifestyle, which heavily influences Elliott Reserve homes. Terraces and courtyards on as many sides of the house as possible, outdoor dining and living spaces, pocket glass doors to bring the outdoors in, an abundance of windows for endless natural lighting and thoughtful landscaping add to the California-cool aesthetic. 


Once the design process is finalized, engineering documents are drawn up and the necessary permits are obtained, it’s time to begin construction. With over 100 years of experience building residential homes in the area, we’ve exacted our processes for maximum quality and efficiency. 

After our trusted subcontractors have completed foundation and framing, the Elliott team conducts a frame walk with our selected interior designer. This helps fuel creativity, and allows the entire team to envision how everything will be laid out. 

Technology and Energy

Making a home functional for the modern-day homeowner means packing it with user-friendly, cutting-edge technology. Hubbed by Control4, an industry leader in home automation, homeowners can manage their lighting, audio/visual components, alarms, door access, gate and garage access, HVAC systems, fountations, security cameras and more from an app on their phone. 

Additionally, all Elliott Reserve homes meet Title 24 standards, which dictates energy requirements for homes built in California. On top of that, homes include TESLA solar panels with 14kw capacity, four TESLA power wall batteries and a TESLA charging station for electric vehicles. 

Interior Design 

As mentioned above, the Elliott team works with an interior designer from the start to identify focal points, establish a flow and overall create a space that makes sense for today’s luxury homeowners. By incorporating a sophisticated, timeless design, the homes will be the perfect starting point for any homeowner—offering plenty of flexibility to add personal touches. Neutral color palettes with luxurious materials and textures create an airy, welcoming environment. 

The interior designer will select furniture that complements the home with the right scale in mind. Tall ceilings, large windows and expansive rooms won’t have the breathtaking impact as intended if the scale of furnishings, art and finishes aren’t just right. 

For the ultimate in turnkey luxury, furnishings have to be of the highest quality, comfort, aesthetics and durability. That’s why Elliott Reserve partnered with Restoration Hardware, a brand with a high level of artistic value, performance and designs. Furnished homes require a unique yet integrated approach in every room, ensuring a cohesive design that flows throughout the floor plan.  

For a finishing touch on every home, the Elliott Reserve team will commission local artists to decorate the space with a unique, community-driven style. Choosing artwork is often a very personal endeavor, so it can be difficult to do in a furnished home—but neutral colors and designs help the art to be thought-provoking and impactful without being polarizing. 

See our vision become reality 

Now that you know what goes into creating an Elliott Reserve home, see a finished product for yourself. Browse the gallery or take a 3D tour of 9220 Stowe Place in Granite Bay, California—the first of many turnkey luxury homes to be built by our team. This four-bedroom bedroom home is over 5,600 square feet and located in Rolling Greens, a luxury community developed on land that was once a nine-whole golf course. 

To take a tour of our first completed Elliott Reserve home, or to simply learn more about our process, contact us today.


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