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Benefits of buying a new-construction home

June 21, 2021

For over a century, Elliott Homes has focused on making the homebuilding and buying process simple for residents throughout California and Arizona. We know the benefits of buying new-construction homes are practically endless—but with resale homes flying off the market in record times and for record prices, buying from a builder has become even more lucrative. Read on to learn why buying new construction, especially from Elliott Homes, is the best decision you can make in your journey to your next home. 

No surprise costs 

When purchasing a used home, there’s so many factors that can impact how much money you’ll actually end up spending. In a market as competitive as today’s, there's a good chance homes on the market end up in bidding wars with multiple interested buyers. Bidding wars can potentially drive the price of homes thousands of dollars over asking, and lead to other outrageous terms—cash offers, forgoing inspections, leaseback agreements and more. Inspections can also reveal issues that require large investments from homeowners in addition to the general updates and renovations needed. 

But when you buy a new-construction home from Elliott Homes, our team will go over all numbers and figures with buyers before the contract is signed—so there’s no surprises. Your mortgage lender will help you know exactly what to expect in terms of closing costs, property and taxes and more.

High-quality construction

Building a residential home looks a lot different now than it did ten, twenty or fifty years ago. From innovation in building processes to resource shortages or surpluses, industry standards are constantly changing. Older homes don’t just have an outdated look—they can also come with outdated safety measures, energy efficiency standards and building codes. 

New-construction homes, especially those from Elliott Homes, are built to the highest standards of safety, quality, efficiency and durability. Modern building practices will save homeowners even more money in the long run—with lower-cost maintenance, high-efficiency systems and appliances, modern smart-home technology and more features that are hard to find in an older, used home.  

Timeless yet trendy design 

New homes are built to accommodate the needs and wants of today’s homeowners. Open-concept floor plans, kitchen islands, first-floor master suites, walk-in closets and multi-car garages are just a few of the modern features that buyers are looking for in a new-construction home. In order to achieve a timeless look that homeowners will love for years to come, Elliott Homes are designed with neutral color palettes, sought-after finishes and lasting materials that create the perfect blank slate to help families turn their house into a home. 

Thanks to a variety of personalization options, homeowners can select the exact paint colors, backsplash, light fixtures and more when going through the construction process with Elliott Homes. While used homes require some work after purchase to get exactly what you’re looking for, new-construction homes are truly move-in ready on the day you get the keys. 

Buying from the experts 

If you’re tired of the current resale market chaos, consider buying a new-construction home instead. And with over a century of experience in the homebuilding industry, there’s no one better to trust with the construction of your next home than Elliott Homes. Whether you’re looking for a quick move-in option or want to build your home from the ground up, our team is here to help. Contact us today by filling out an online form or call the phone number listed for your preferred area.


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