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Unlocking Success with Elliott Homes’ Broker Referral Program and Financing Incentives

September 20, 2023

A couple signing the papers for their new home.

When it comes to finding your new home, there’s nothing like having a team of experts by your side. At Elliott Homes, we understand the importance of a seamless homebuying experience, and we’re committed to making your journey as smooth as possible. That’s why we’re incredibly excited about our Broker Referral Program and all of our additional financing incentives that await our potential buyers. Read on to see how these incentives could help you get in your new home as soon as possible. 

Understanding the Broker Referral Program

We believe in the power of partnerships, and our Broker Referral Program is a testament to that belief. Through this program, we offer a generous 2% broker referral fee to real estate professionals who refer their clients to us. It’s a win-win situation for both homebuyers and brokers alike. 

Benefits for Homebuyers:

  • Expert Guidance: When your trusted real estate agent recommends Elliott Homes, you can be confident that you’re making a wise choice. Our homes are thoughtfully designed, but with quality in mind, and always located in desirable new home communities. 
  • Seamless Experience: With the help of your broker, you can navigate the homebuying process with ease. They’ll assist you in finding the right Elliott Homes property that suits your needs, budgets and lifestyle. 

Benefits for Real Estate Professionals:

  • Generous Referral Fee: We appreciate the trust and confidence that brokers place in us by referring their clients to Elliott Homes. To show our gratitude, we offer a 2% broker referral fee upon successful closing. 
  • Happy Clients: Satisfied clients are more likely to recommend their real estate agent to families and friends. By helping your clients find their new home with Elliott Homes, you’re building trust and ensuring repeat business. 

Exclusive financing incentives for our homebuyers

Our incentives have one primary objective—to empower you on your journey to owning your new home while simultaneously providing you with financial advantages tailored to your unique circumstances. Whether you’re embarking on the exciting adventure of becoming a first-time homeowner or seeking to elevate your living experience with one of our spacious and luxurious Elliott Homes properties, our exclusive financing incentives are poised to play an integral role in realizing your homeownership aspirations. We understand that each individual’s path to homeownership is unique, and that’s why our incentives are designed to be versatile, adaptable and supportive, regardless of your financial circumstances. 

Discover your new home today

When embarking on the exciting journey of finding your new home, the process often begins with exploring a myriad of new home and community options. At Elliott Homes, we understand that choosing the perfect property is not just about location, design and floor plans—it’s also about making sure that your homeownership journey is as financially advantageous as possible. With our financial incentives available, our homebuyers will be able to truly make their dream home a reality. 

Our team at Elliott Homes boasts a diverse portfolio of homes designed to cater to various lifestyles and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a spacious new home in a tranquil neighborhood or a chic urban home close to the entertainment opportunities of the city, we have the perfect property for you. Our new home communities throughout California or Arizona are thoughtfully designed to provide the amenities and lifestyle you desire, ensuring that every aspect of your living experience is exceptional, and our current quick move-in homes are available throughout our new home communities in the Greater Sacramento, Lodi, Phoenix and Yuma areas offer everything that today’s homeowners are looking for.  

Find your new home today

At Elliott Homes, we are dedicated to ensuring that your journey to finding your new home is nothing short of exceptional. Our homes are carefully designed with quality in mind and are always situated in desirable new home communities—with our Broker Referral Program and additional financing incentives available as well, the homebuying process has never been easier. If you’d like to take a closer look at our available new homes throughout the Greater Sacramento, Lodi, Phoenix and Yuma areas and learn more about our financing incentives, fill out our online form today. 


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