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Meet Our Construction Superintendent: Chris Wilkey

May 11, 2022

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The construction process is an essential part of achieving your ultimate dream home, and it’s a key factor to make your homebuying experience a positive, exciting moment that you’ll cherish forever. At Elliott Homes, our strong commitment to quality craftsmanship and high value is applied throughout our entire building process, from the moment we lay the foundation to the time we apply our exterior finishes—and we wouldn’t be able to do it without our incredible Construction Superintendent, Chris Wilkey. 

Chris's job as Construction Superintendent is crucial for the happiness and satisfaction of all of our customers—from ordering the right materials to ensuring that our homes meet the needs of our homeowners and everything in between. “My typical day starts by walking through the job site to see our progress and take note of what was or wasn’t completed the day before,” Chris explained. “While doing this, I am also checking the quality of the completed work from our trades. Elliott Homes expects high-quality work from every trade we work with, and so do I. As the day continues, I am in contact with the trades and my coworkers to communicate our schedules and ensure we are all on the same page.”

Whether he’s collaborating with engineers or setting project goals, Chris is constantly striving towards a groundbreaking, forward-thinking construction process in every home he comes across. “In my experience, homeowners are reaching out to me just to tell me how much they enjoy their home and the new energy-efficient parts of their home. They also tell me that this is their first home with solar panels, and they won’t be looking back! They enjoy the smart features like being able to control the HVAC and lights from their smart controls,” Chris said. Energy efficiency has become a huge part of our construction process here at Elliott Homes, and we are always thinking about the environment in every building decision that we make. “We have been able to bring in more energy-efficient materials, such as the spray foam that goes into the walls and under the roof—which has made a huge difference in keeping the home's heat- and air-regulated. Switching to new energy-efficient materials has been one of the best decisions Elliott Homes has made in the construction process,” Chris explained. 

In addition, Elliott Homes is dedicated to finding solutions for any hardships or challenges that may come up during the homebuilding process, and Chris knows exactly how to take our dedication even further. “We face challenges daily, such as keeping track of every home’s schedule and when to order the materials, many materials being delayed, or simply not having enough qualified manpower to complete all of the jobs as quickly as I would like,” Chris stated. “Sometimes, there are trim materials showing up late or we are short on garage doors—things like that. Every superintendent must face these challenges, but I am happy to say we somehow overcome it all and are still able to provide our customers with high-quality homes built in a timely manner.”

A devoted employee, Chris first began his journey with Elliott Homes in 1999 and has grown within the company ever since. “I started my career with Elliott Homes when my father was working here, he got me a job as a detailer, then I became a laborer for the company,” Chris explained. “A few years later, I got into customer service as a helper. Eventually, I was promoted to Lead Service and did that role for about 4 years, then I moved up to become an assistant and worked that role until I became a Superintendent myself.” Elliott Homes is honored to have someone as hardworking as Chris for our Construction Superintendent—and he continuously takes our carefully-crafted construction process to the next level. 

At Elliott Homes, our main goal is always centered around our customers—and we know that to be a successful business, you have to care about what happens on the inside as well. We love to watch our employees grow and thrive within the company, and we know that what occurs internally reflects our ability to produce amazing homes. “My favorite part of my job is being a part of the Elliott family and having camaraderie with my coworkers,” Chris said. “My two children also are Elliott employees, and I am so proud of them both in their roles. It’s exciting to see my children’s careers begin in a company that I know will appreciate them and give them room to grow just like I did when I first started.”

Chris and the entirety of our experienced team understand that the journey to your forever home can be overwhelming at times, and it’s important to know that your home is built with maximum care and quality. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or if you’re switching over to a trusted builder like Elliott Homes, you can rest assured knowing that all of our remarkable homes in our one-of-a-kind communities are built with an innovative, thorough construction process, along with the highest standards in the entire industry—and we’re sure to exceed your expectations for your dream home. 

If you’re ready to become one of our happy homeowners throughout the areas of Sacramento, Phoenix or Yuma—feel free to give us a call at (866) 984-1300, schedule an appointment or contact us online at any time.


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