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Features For Your Multigenerational Household

November 1, 2021

A multigenerational Elliott Homes floor plan.

The team at Elliott Homes strives to design floor plans that are highly functional for homeowners today and in the future. For some families, functional means an organized garage, spare bedroom turned home office or a playroom separate from other living spaces. But for others, a home isn’t considered functional without a proper space for their multigenerational family members. Check out some of the included features in Elliott Homes floor plans that will provide the perfect balance between togetherness and private, personal space.  

Single-story plans 

Elliott Homes’ single-story layouts are designed to maximize square footage and functional space without adding a second level. While there’s plenty of reasons to love a single-story home, they’re often a necessity when it comes to multigenerational households. No stairs means it’s easier for older generations to get around easily and safely, and it keeps infants and young children from climbing up steps or getting too far from their caretakers. 

Attached or detached casitas 

One of the most important features of a multigenerational household is a casita, sometimes called an in-law suite. Elliott Homes offers multiple floor plans with options to add an attached or detached casita. These suites are ideal for housing parents, grandparents or other adult family members. Whether they’re attached or separate from the home, casitas include a living and sleeping area, full bathroom, walk-in closet and a small kitchenette. Casitas offer optimum privacy for family members while staying conveniently connected to the people they love. 

Secondary suites 

If you don’t need separate living quarters for your multigenerational family members, perhaps a secondary suite will suffice. All of our one- and two-story layouts feature a primary master bedroom with an expansive private bathroom and large walk-in closets. In addition to this, most plans also have another bedroom with a private bathroom. While it’s not a full-blown master suite, a private bathroom is a better option than sharing one alongside grandchildren, nieces or nephews. Some plans allow for one bedroom to be on the opposite side of the layout, separating it from other bedrooms in the home as well. 

Bonus spaces 

While bedrooms are covered, there still might be a need for additional space to keep everyone in the home comfortable and organized. Elliott Homes’ expansive collection of floor plans range in square footage and number of bedrooms, meaning any of these rooms can be transformed into a needed space. Some layouts also include lofts, bonus areas or built-in home offices that offer the additional rooms you need. 

Find what works for your family 

As a family owned-and-operated business, family means everything to the team at Elliott Homes. We aim to serve homeowners with families of all shapes and sizes throughout California and Arizona with floor plans that can be personalized to meet specific needs. You can rest assured that every member of your household will feel stable, safe and secure in a new-construction home and sought-after community. 

To get started on your journey to owning the ideal home for your multigenerational household, fill out an online form or give us a call at (866) 984-1300.   


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