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Pathways to New Horizons: The Definitive Relocation Handbook From Elliott Homes

June 11, 2024

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If one thing is for certain about relocating, it’s that it can be an exciting yet daunting journey—filled with anticipation and numerous decisions. At Elliott Homes, with over 100 years of expertise in building phenomenal new homes in the  Sacramento, Phoenix and Yuma areas, we understand the ins and outs of moving. As a trusted home builder with a legacy of excellence, our team is here to guide you through every step of your relocation process. Whether you're one of many moving from the Bay Area or across the country, our comprehensive relocation handbook will help you navigate this transition smoothly.

The first step—knowing when to move

Deciding when to move is a critical first step in the relocation process. At Elliott Homes, we believe that understanding the right timing can help you make a smooth transition and ensure your new home truly feels like home. Several factors can signal that it’s time to find a new home, including: 

  1. Lifestyle changes: Life events such as a growing family, job changes or retirement can certainly necessitate a move. For Bay Area residents, the high cost of living might be a driving factor—pushing many to seek more affordable, spacious and family-friendly environments like those in Sacramento, Phoenix or Yuma.
  2. Quality of life: If you find that your current location no longer meets your needs in terms of space, amenities or community atmosphere, it might be time to relocate. At Elliott Homes, all of our new home communities in Sacramento, Phoenix and Yuma offer a blend of urban and suburban living—with excellent schools, parks and cultural attractions a short commute away.
  3. Financial considerations: A new job or financial opportunity is a key reason for relocating for many families and individuals. With the job markets in Sacramento, Phoenix and Yuma all flourishing, working professionals of all industries can undoubtedly find a career path for them near our Elliott Homes communities. Additionally, a tight budget might make areas like the Bay Area unsustainable, prompting a move to different areas like Sacramento—all without sacrificing quality of life.

The second step—knowing where to move

Selecting the ideal location for your new home is one of the most important decisions in the relocation process. The right location can significantly enhance your quality of life, providing the perfect environment for you and your family to thrive for years to come. Here are some key considerations to help you choose the best location:

  1. Proximity to work and amenities: Commute times can greatly affect your daily routine and overall satisfaction with your new home. Consider how close your potential new home is to your work, schools, healthcare facilities, shopping centers and recreational amenities. Our new homes in Sacramento, for example, offer a variety of amenities nearby with easy access to major employers, excellent schools and abundant recreational options.
  2. School districts and education: Whether you have children or plan to in the future, the quality of local schools will be a significant factor in your decision. You’ll want to research school ratings, extracurricular offerings and student-teacher ratios. The school districts near our neighborhoods offer a range of highly-rated public and private schools—ensuring excellent educational opportunities for your children.
  3. Lifestyle and recreation: Your new location should support your lifestyle and recreational interests. Whether you enjoy exciting outdoor activities, diverse cultural events or trying new restaurants—ensure that your new community offers ample opportunities for entertainment. Near our new home communities, you’ll find an array of beautiful parks, scenic hiking and biking trails, vibrant arts and cultural venues and a variety of dining options to suit every palate—providing a wide range of options at your fingertips.

The third step—knowing how to move

Once you’ve settled on the ideal location and secured your new home, the next step is preparing for the actual move. Moving can be a complex process, but with careful planning and organization, it can be a smooth and stress-free experience. Here are some tips to guide you through the moving process effectively: 

  1. Plan ahead: Start your planning process early to avoid last-minute stress. Create a moving checklist and timeline to ensure that all tasks are completed on schedule—such as notifying utility companies, arranging for school transfers and scheduling moving services well in advance.
  2. Hire professional movers: While it might be tempting to handle the move yourself, hiring professional movers can save time and reduce stress. Professionals have the experience and equipment to handle your belongings safely and efficiently. Be sure to research and hire a reputable moving company with good reviews and insurance coverage.
  3. Stay organized: Keep your move organized by labeling boxes clearly and creating an inventory list. Pack items by room and keep essential items—like important documents and daily necessities—easily accessible. Consider using color-coded labels to quickly identify where each box belongs in your new home.

Find your new path with Elliott Homes

Relocating is a significant life event, but with thoughtful planning and preparation—it can be a smooth and rewarding experience that you’ll always cherish. At Elliott Homes, we pride ourselves on providing hundreds of families and individuals with not just houses—but homes where unforgettable memories are made and life truly flourishes. Whether you’re moving from the Bay Area or anywhere else, our team is here to welcome you with open arms into our new construction homes in Sacramento, Phoenix and Yuma. With us by your side, we can truly help you find the true meaning of home and make your relocation journey a joyful one. For more information about our available homes in Sacramento, Phoenix and Yuma, give us a call at (866) 984-1300 or fill out our online form today.


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