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Building Green

Building with The Future in Mind

At Elliott Homes building green means even more: it means thoughtfully building in locations that are convenient to services like schools, shopping and entertainment, so residents don’t have to waste gas running across town.

It means planning new communities that preserve natural areas and greenbelts. It means enhancing neighborhoods with walking paths and parks with trees.

Building green may be new to other builders, but it has been the conscientious choice of Elliott Homes for a long time.

  • Energy-efficiency
    Elliott Homes uses superior products to ensure that less energy is used to keep your home comfortable.
  • Green building practices
    Elliott Homes uses innovative home design and procedures to help preserve the earth’s natural resources.
  • Environmental Stewardship
    Elliott Homes protects its building sites by leaving nature preserves and wildlife habitats undisturbed. We enhance our neighborhoods with parks and trees.

Green Building Practices

Elliott Homes uses a “best practices” approach to conserve our natural resources. Procedures in all communities have included:

Use of water-conserving faucets, shower heads & water closets

Fresh, filtered air ventilation system

Drip irrigation on automatic sprinkler timers

Use of water-wise landscape plant materials

Use of precision, pre-cut lumber & truss packages to reduce waste

Use of sustainable lumber products, including new growth material, recycled/salvaged wood products-finger jointed studs, OSB sheathing (oriented strand board), OSB & plywood floor joists, laminated beams

Onsite recycling of waste building materials (concrete, lumber, drywall, roof tile, paint, plaster, steel, copper, aluminum, iron, plastics, cardboard & paper products, glass)

Re-circulating pump - hot water system reduces water waste while waiting for hot water (California Communities)

Onsite Raw Material Recycling - Onsite manufacture of aggregate materials

Environmental Stewardship

As a family-owned builder founded in 1914, Elliott Homes has always been conscientious about our environment. As the awareness of human impact on the environment has grown, Elliott Homes has incorporated new policies and procedures to protect and enhance nature in our communities.

We seek to create environmentally harmonious communities by minimizing noise, as well as our impact on natural and man-made resources, including land, air, water, minerals, plants and animals through compliance with EIR (Environmental Impact Report) open space.

We strive to maintain and enhance environmental quality with consideration of ecological systems and natural resources through compliance with CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act).

We preserve and protect the waters of our communities and our country for present and future generations by complying with SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan).

Elliott Homes goes even further in protecting and enhancing our environment by:

  • Building neighborhoods and communities with parks & recreation nearby Including walking and biking paths in our communities

  • Designing landscape corridors with water conservation in mind by using plants with reduced water requirements and incorporating drip irrigation systems

  • Maintaining or re-creating wildlife and native plant habitats.

    In the northern valley communities of California, this includes:

    • Swainson's Hawk
    • Elderberry bush
    • Oak tree
    • Fairy shrimp

    In the southwest desert communities of Arizona, this includes:

    • Burrowing owl
    • Saguaro barrel cactus
    • Mesquite, ironwood and palo verde tree
    • Respecting and protecting waterways through wetlands preservation, waterway enhancement and preservation, preserving and creating habitat ponds with natural filtration for birds and wildlife.

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