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Energy Efficiencies

save energy. save money Save the Planet

Rising energy costs, climate change and a growing awareness of the impact we have on this planet are changing the way homes are built. Elliott Homes is building more energy and water efficient homes that last longer and waste fewer resources while keeping their owners healthy and comfortable.

Lower your bills by up to


Green buildings typically have 30% lower utility expenses and are equipped with products that last longer and perform better.

Energy Efficient Homes

Elliott Homes uses superior materials and products in the construction of all new homes to ensure energy-efficiency. These include

Energy Star appliances that save 10-50% on energy and water costs over standard appliances
High-efficiency HVAC (heating, ventilating and air-conditioning) equipment with a programmable thermostat (two thermostats in two-story homes)
Foam insulation sealing of wall penetrations and at the sill plate-foundation interface
Energy Star decorative light fixtures
Energy-efficient lighting, occupancy sensors, dimmer switches to reduce heat gain
Superior wall and attic insulation
Energy-saving dual pane windows with spectrally selective glass

Community Specific

Radiant Barrier Sheathing – (California)
Prevents up to 97% of radiant heat from entering the attic, maintaining a temperature that is 30% cooler. It can reduce summer cooling costs by 20% and there is less wear & tear on HVAC equipment.

SMUD Advantage & Roseville Electric BEST Solar Home Certifications – (California)
These homes reduce energy use by 20-40% or more, meeting the U.S. Department of Energy “High Performance” energy efficient home (30% better than 2006 IECC requirements (International Energy Conservation Code)).

Energy Star Home – (Arizona)
These homes are at least 15% more energy efficient than a code built home.

BIBS Insulation (Blown-in batt insulation)
A superior method of wall cavity insulation, ensuring all voids are filled, raising the R-value (resistance to temperature change) to R-15 in a 2x4 wall from R-13 when insulated with conventional batts.

Third Party Inspection
Verification of energy saving measures to maximize energy efficiency.

Solar (California – subdivision specific)
Solar panels are integrated in the roof tiles and in conjunction with the “solar system”, solar can save up to 60% off your electric bill.

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